The idea of DIADEM is the brainchild of Georg Gottlob, Professor of Computing Science at the University of Oxford and the Vienna University of Technology. His current research deals with web data extraction, database theory, query languages, data exchange, and with graph-theoretic problem decomposition methods that can be used for recognizing large classes of tractable instances of hard problems. He has recently been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for his fundamental contributions to both artificial intelligence and to database systems.

In Oxford, he has build a team of four postdocs and several Ph.D. students that work primarily or to a large extent on DIADEM. Tim Furche takes care of the day-to-day management of DIADEM and complements Georg's expertise on query and reasoning languages for the web with a twist towards search. Giovanni Grasso brings deep knowledge in ontology languages and the integration of ontologies and logic programming to the table. Christian Schallhart is our resident expert in software engineering, having a strong background in test case generation, runtime verification, and formal methods—and we count on him to bring method to DIADEM. Giorgio Orsi is associated with DIADEM and will help us with scaling ontology and reasoning languages and Datalog±. For our Ph.D. students see the full team list.

Due to the ambitious and cross-disciplinary nature of DIADEM, we place a lot of emphasis on collaboration with researchers outside DIADEM. For DIADEM associates in Oxford and the rest of the world see the full team list.